Our Sectors

In addition to technology transfer projects, we have been dealing with international marketing and sales of raw materials and consumables, machinery and equipment in various industries, including, but not limited to: steel-making and aluminum, recycling, petrochemicals, construction, electric and electronics, mining and energy generation and saving. Below are some of the products and services we provide according to relative sectors:

Construction Sector

– Design, Engineering & Consultancy Services – Procurement of high-strength structural steel and its applications – Procurement of post tensioning systems and thier applications – Procurement of connection parts, couplings and bearing plates

Iron & Steel Sector

– Procurement of iron ore, coal, scrap, graphite electrodes, copper moulds and cored wire – Scrap Cleaning Systems – Magnetic Lifting Equipment – Abbrasive Cutting Machines – Billet Grinding Machines – Supersonic carbon injection systems, lance tips, tuyere and copper cooling plates – Control Systems for Roll Grinders

Recycling Sector

– Scrap car recycling plants – Metal scrap shredding and bailing plants – Metal Scrap Screening and Separation Systems

Energy & Energy Saving

– Procurement of steam coal – Turnkey projects for power plants – Procurement of photovoltaic glass – Systems for controlling of street lamp posts for energy saving


– Procurement of various raw materials (coal tar, benzen, bitumen, carbon black, naphthalene, PE, etc.)

We also have a finance component in our business activities, through our consultancy services to PNC Bank of the U.S.A. for providing US Ex-Im Bank credits to Turkish importers of US machinery and equipment from all sectors.