trade and invesment
digital technology

Together we can do it

Iron and Steel
Iron and Steel

metallurgy //

We offer services in collaboration with our specialized
business partners
in order to enhance the quality of
produced materials,
increase diversity and steer
companies towards digitalization in their productions
in numerous areas of metallurgy- particularly steel & iron
sector –
with our wide range of products.


// construction

We support the digitalization of the world of
construction, by providing services and solutions
based on cloud, internet of things, artificial intelligence
and computer vision technologies that allow dealing with the challenges of efficiency, waste, labor health and
safety experienced in the construction sector.

trade and investment //

As a way of ensuring accuracy of the processes of
our customers, we are aware that our customers demand more and more digital competency to reduce wastes, carbon, risks and costs, and to generate
better results.
We, as İntekno, make investments for the future,
on the basis of innovative solutions, by enabling companies that work on producing solutions in different fields to work in cooperation.

trade and investment
digital technology

// digital technology

We offer industrial solutions by ensuring
real-time optimization through cloud-based systems
created by our business partners.
As İntekno, we provide services on integrated systems with our business partners, by valuing effort and assisting in the generation of rational solutions.