Project Owner: Çolakoğlu, İDÇ, Bastug, Ege Celik, Yesilyurt, İsdemir, Ekinciler, Tosçelik

Project Description: Our HMS Scrap Cleaning System, the high amount of impurities in the scraps were separated and clean scrap was charged to the furnace. By means of our shredded scrap cleaning system, it is aimed to separate the impurity in the scrap and to separate the free-flowing copper materials.


Project Owner: Kaptan, Çolakoğlu, Ekinciler

Project Description: Carbon dosing and injection system for EAF, ensuring injection precision, efficient & low-cost operation.


Project Owner: İskenderun Iron and Steel Factories (İSDEMİR)

Project Description:Technical Assessment in order to identify the weaknesses of the existing bar rolling mill and make suggestions for higher efficiency and production.


Proje Sahibi: Ereğli Iron and Steel Factories (ERDEMİR), Borçelik, Tezcan Galvanized

Proje Tanımı: Supply of grinding machines (for Hot Rolling Mill and Cold Rolling Mill) to be used in the rolling mill.


Project Owner: Ereğli Iron and Steel Factories (ERDEMİR)

Project Description: Feasibility study for Plate Rolling Mill; supporting the customer’s plate rolling mill purchase, reviewing various rolling mills, evaluating offers and providing advice and recommendations.
A first in the history of ERDEMİR; Used Sheet Mill (Betlehem Sparrow Point 160 ” Sheet Mill) was purchased with the support of İntekno.


Project Owner: Iron and Steel companies

Project Description: Receiving scrap from countries such as Georgia, Tunisia and Armenia.


Project Owner: Ereğli Iron and Steel Factories (ERDEMİR)

Project Description: With the support of İntekno, a Rotary Edge Cutter was procured from South Africa as part of the ERDEMİR Plate Rolling Mill Modernization Project.


Project Owner: Ereğli Iron and Steel Factories (ERDEMİR)

Project Description: Supply of the tap hole drilling machine to the steelshop which also has the mechanism to insert tap hole blocks.


Project Owner: Kardemir

Project Description: Feasibility study for Universal Structural Rail Mill. Kardemir will be established to produce higher value-added products Universal Structural Rail Mill of the project the effectuation TDA and the first feasibility study to determine the grants awarded by CIDA.


Project Owner: Iron-Steel Companies

Project Description: Since 1994, we continue to supply the best quality electrodes to the Turkish Iron and Steel Industry. This process also includes our electrode production in Romania.


Project Owner: Cold-flat Rolling Mills

Project Description: Cold rolling forged roll supply to iron and steel companies.


Proje Owner: Iron – Steel Producers

Proje Tanımı: Detects surface defects through Lismar Eddy Current Technology (ET) and Surface Wave Technology (SW). Ultrasonic Technology (UT) is applied for subsurface imperfections.


Proje Owner: Crude Coal Tar Distiller Companies and Carbon Black Manufacturers

Proje Description: Exporting crude coal tar, a by-product of iron and steel factories such as Erdemir-Kardemir-İsdemir, to abroad.


Project Owner: Kaptan, Çemtaş, Yeşil Yurt, Ege Metal, Kroman, İçdaş, Ekinciler

Project Description: Multi Lance Manipulator supplied from Germany with the procurement support of Intekno. Technical support for
commissioning & start up and training was also provided.



Project Description: Chemical Heating and Refining Plant supplied to ERDEMIR in cooperation with Sumitomo, Itochu, Vulcan Engineering & local Metis Co.


Project Owner: Erdemir, Ege Çelik, Çolakoğlu

Project Description: Wire Injection Machine supplied with the procurement support of Intekno.


Project Owner: Kardemir

Project Description: Building a desulfurization station at the meltshop for hot metal processing. Project scope includes engineering, equipment supply, automation, start-up & training.


Project Owner: İsdemir

Project Description: Electro-permanent magnet supply within the scope of modernization of existing cranes.


Project Owner: Cold-Flat Rolling Mills

Project Description: Cold rolling forged roll supply to iron and steel companies


Project Owner: Integrated Iron and Steel Plants

Project Description: Lances used in converters to work more effectively and efficiently PCD launch and launch titles.


Project Owner: Oyak Investment Group

Project Description: Provided technical consultancy to OYAK Investment Co. for privatization of ERDEMIR Group. Due Diligence Report prepared on two largest integrated steel mills of Turkey, ERDEMIR & ISDEMIR.


Project Owner: Karabük Demir ve Çelik San ve Tic. A.Ş. (KARDEMİR)

Project Description: The first trial throughout the world- Non-Diffused Jet Technology – Coherent Jets by BOC-TALLMAN-INTEKNO.

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